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Where reducing your inventory carrying cost and improving your cash flow is our first priority. As a single supply chain resource, Battery Central is backed by one of the industry’s most respected names: Continental Battery Co.  Since 1932, Continental has prevailed as a reliable battery distributor resource, serving businesses and communities across the U.S. 

At Battery Central you will have access to any kind of battery you need. You will spend less time sourcing product and more time selling it. Forget about ordering a required quantity to fill a shipment. Order only what you need and get it when you need it. 

We can help with negotiating multi-truckload deals to save you even more money and time. You can customize your pallet with the quantities and brands you need and Battery Central will ensure that it arrives on time.

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Some of the biggest concerns of battery distributors is the cost of doing business caused by limited purchasing power, inventory management struggles such as minimum quantities on orders, and the inability to mix shipmentsBattery Central is the solution to all of these pain points.

Why Choose Battery Central?

One Place. All Products.

Battery Central is your one stop shop, where you’ll find any product you need, whether it’s sealed lead acid, marine or RV, power sport, alkaline, lithium, chargers, testing equipment, or accessories, we have it all.

Support. Access. Recognition.

Knowledgeable customer support professionals are on call to help you with your battery needs. You have access when you need it, whether by phone or online. And you’ll enjoy the recognition programs that Continental Battery Co extends to its valued network of distributors.

Available Brands in Stock.

Never mind waiting for out of stock brands. Battery Central maintains a full stock of inventory, ready to ship out when you need it.

Mixed Orders. No Problem.

Mix it up and order what you need in the quantities you need. That’s one of Battery Central’s main advantages. Get it the way you want it, no problem.

Faster Shipments.

No more waiting and dealing with disgruntled customers who want it now. Our strong shipping program will get your order to you when you need it, not the next day or two.

Better Cash Flow. Measurable Profit Margins.

What all of this means for your business, is a noticeable improvement in cash flow. The efficient Battery Central Program will enhance your business, your reputation, and show profit margins that tally up to greater gains.

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